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  Who is Siôn Jobbins?

  Born in Zambia but raised in Cardiff Siôn studied history at the University College in Aberystwyth. He’s worked in the private and public sector and as a freelancer. He lives in Aberystwyth.

  He was one of the founders of the dotCYMRU bid to gain status for Welsh identity on the web.  ( He founded Ras yr Iaith ( the relay run for the Welsh language based on the Basque ’Korrika’. He also founded Parêd Gwyl Dewi Aberystwyth, ( Aber’s St David’s Day Parade and is one of the founders of YesCymru ( the cross-party campaign for an independent Wales.

  Siôn has published numerous articles over the years and four books.

  His first book, The Phenomenon of Welshness , or, 'How many aircraft carriers would an Independent Wales have?' (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2011) has received much praise and has sold well. You can buy a copy online here.  Also available on Amazon.

  You can buy also buy Sion's second book 'The Welsh National Anthem' (Gwasg y Lolfa, 2013)  here.

  In October 2013 Siôn published his latest book, 'The Phenomenon of Welshness II or is Wales too Poor to be Independent?' (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2013). You can buy it online here.

  His latest book is The Red Dragon: The Story of the Welsh Flag by Gwasg y Lolfa (2016),

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